Oakland oral surgeon gets 16 years in prison for child sex crimes

Oakland oral surgeon gets 16 years in prison for child sex crimes

October 27, 2021

OAKLAND — An Oakland oral surgeon who admitted to trying to take two young children from their mother and allocating thousands of dollars towards finding victims to molest has been sentenced to 16 years in federal prison and a lifetime of supervised release.

Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle, 38, was sentenced Wednesday morning by U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer after he pleaded guilty to federal offenses earlier this year, admitting to possessing child pornography and attempted sex trafficking of minors. He still has active kidnapping and human trafficking charges pending against him in Contra Costa County.

Lavorini-Doyle has been in custody since late 2019, when he attempted to take two young girls from their mother at a Walnut Creek office building, then offered the woman tens of thousands of dollars to let him take the girls. Ironically, Lavorini-Doyle was at the office that evening to consult with a financial advisor amount a mountainous $700,000 debt, which authorities believe he racked up while attempting to pay for children to molest.

After Lavorini-Doyle was briefly stopped and released by Walnut Creek police, he bought zip ties, duct tape, and a digital camera, then boarded a flight to Cambodia with $10,000 in cash and gold. He was arrested after returning, though he now claims he did not locate any potential victims while on the trip.

During the investigation, authorities found evidence Lavorini-Doyle paid a $55,000 finders fee to a man for arranging to find him a 10-year-old to rape, but the planned deal never came to fruition. During a search of his Oakland home authorities found “heavy-duty zip ties, a box of syringes, a meat cleaver” and a trove of hidden camera devices, assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Rubino wrote in court records.

“At that time, a search of Lavorini-Doyle’s electronic devices revealed that, when he was not seeking out local children for sex, he prowled the dark web for videos of children being sexually exploited, including graphic recordings of girls 10 years old and younger being molested and raped,” Rubino wrote. “It is no exaggeration to say that Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle is every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Lavorini-Doyle’s attorneys, in court records, blamed much of his conduct on drug use, writing that he had taken six ecstasy tablets likely laced with methamphetamine before the 2019 incident. They wrote that he never succeeded in raping young girls, despite paying tens of thousands of dollars to scammers who presented him with teenaged adult prostitutes.

“There is no doubt, however, that Mr. Lavorini-Doyle had the perverse desire and corrupt intent to have sex with minors. Fortunately, he did not succeed. As far as he knows, he has never had sexual contact with a minor,” his attorneys wrote in court records. Their memo also includes a large section entitled “Mr. Lavorini-Doyle’s cooperation with law enforcement” that is completely redacted.

In a letter to the court, Lavorini-Doyle called his arrest a “blessing” and said he was grateful for the self-reflection during his time in jail. He said he is now “horrified and disgusted” by his own actions.

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Oakland oral surgeon gets 16 years in prison for child sex crimes, claims he was high on ecstasy when he tried to buy children

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